Open app development workshop
28.10.2016 _ Climathon _ Impact Hub Zürich
Oleg Lavrovsky

♂ 175cm 69kg ⌂ Köniz, BE
80' 90' 00' 10'
Trainer-of-bots @SODA.CAMP

Today's menu

1 ☆ Human-centered design
2 ☆ Make a reactive app
3 ☆ Discovery & scaling

1. Human-centered design

What is a useful app ?

Picture your app


Picture your app

on Mars

What is an open app ?

Open Knowledge

2. Make a reactive app

What is that song ?

Start with a concept, remove everything that's not needed in v1, concentrate on the most important thing your app should do.

--Oliver Oswald, Apps with love

3. Discovery & scale

Where is that bird ?

Start your app at the hackathon

Then let it spread its wings...

Get featured in the community...

And spread worldwide through app stores...

“It's not the style that motivates me, as much as an attitude of openness that I have when I go into a project."
-Herbie Hancock

Thank you

Now lets make it open!

@loleg ~

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